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As a registered child minder I will work in partnership with you the parents or carers to settle your child into this setting.

Please provide any relevant information about your child for example any dislikes, pet names for items etc.

I will ask you to fill in a document called ‘All about your child’. Together we will discuss your child’s development to date and this will provide me with a starting point to help your child make the transition of settling in to my setting much easier.

The settling process is a vital part in ensuring children feel safe and secure emotionally as well as providing reassurance to the parent/carer therefore I make it a point to be as accommodating as possible by spending time and taking interest in the child and cares needs.

To aid the settling process I will do the following:

  • I initially invite the parent and child without other children present to allow the child to get familiar with me and my environment where we discuss and complete the all about me document.
  • In discussion with the parent I will get the parents to jot down their child/babies routine
  • I discuss in length the settling in procedure and invite the parent to spend time with the routine of my day. In addition I give the parent plenty of opportunity to stay as long as they need they feel to settle their child. From this we develop strategies for leaving the child for short periods
  • I talk to parents to prepare themselves to going back to work so increase leaving the child time to longer periods (e.g up to 2hrs) for the first few days and perhaps in the first week to half a day(there is a charge starting from this time) and in the second week to a few full days and in the third week for the full week or contracted days. This strategy is purely based on the child’s needs and in agreement with the parent
  • I will reassure parents that I will call regularly to update on their child’s settling in
  • Since I work with an assistant I will discuss this routine with them so that we are consistent with the settling in procedure
  • Parents are welcome to bring a security toy or blanket
  • I discuss the conditions for sleep and nap time
  • I provide lot’s of reassurance to the parents I am very flexible in allowing parents to call anytime or pop in during the settling in period
  • I do not charge for a couple of hours during the settling in period However if it takes longer than a week then I will charge