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As a registered childminder and in accordance with the health and safety act 1974, I will take all reasonable steps to ensure that all potential hazards to children on the premises both indoors and outdoors is minimised.

The (Early Years Foundation stage) EYFS statutory Welfare requirements states that providers must promote the good health of the children attending the setting, Provide meals and drinks that are healthy and nutritious.

Included in the Health and safety requirements providers must have a policy and procedure for illness, medication, accidents or injury and ensure that the premises both indoors and outdoors is fit for purpose and safe and suitable for the ages of children cared for.

As a statutory requirement I must have in place reasonable measures for an emergency evacuation in case of a fire or any other emergency.

Below is a summary of my health and safety statement however I have a detailed individual policy and procedure of all the above statutory welfare requirements.

I ensure the health and safety of all by implementing the following:

  • My home will provide clean and well supervised learning and play areas,which will be fully cleaned (floors ,work areas, etc ) on a daily basis. A visual check is carried out daily both indoors and outdoors ad any potential hazards are attended to immediately.
  • Toys and large play equipment are checked on each occasion they are used and any that are damaged are either repaired or discarded. The toys are also washed and disinfected regularly
  • Children will be supervised at all times whilst in my care
  • All harmful chemicals, medicines or dangerous items are kept behind locked doors or away from child’s reach
  • A no smoking policy is operated

Outdoor play

  • Any gardening equipment will be safely locked away in a shed out of reach of children
  • Outdoor toys are checked for safety on each occasion they are used and repairs made where necessary or discarded
  • The garden is checked for any fox or cat faeces and made safe before children go out to play
  • Fencing and gates will be checked for safety and security


  • In the case of a fire, children will leave by the available exit. These are situated by the front and rear of the house. This will be practiced once a month or termly so that children become familiar with the drill (see fire safety policy and procedure).
  • Smoke alarms are fitted on every level and batteries checked regularly
  • The central heating boiler is checked and serviced regularly
  • There is a fire blanket in the kitchen


  • It is essential to make sure my first aid certificate is valid at all times and also do everything possible to make sure injuries do not occur to the children
  • A first aid box is always available which is stocked according to the current paediatric first aid and Ofsted requirements.
  • Only medicines provided by the parents can be given to the children with a written consent. A medicine log sheet will be available to record details provided by parents, recording the timing and dosage of the medicine to be given to their child as requested by them. The log sheet is to be signed and dated by parents and minder and filed in the child’s individual records. (please see policy on medication)
  • If a child becomes ill all positive steps will be taken to contact the parents, but if this is not possible, responsible measures would be taken to care for the child. Parents are expected to co-operate by not bringing children in if they have any infectious or contagious illness. (please see sick child policy)
  • An accident log book/sheet is available which must be filled in if any child sustains any injury whilst on the premises. Details of how, when and where the accident happened must be recorded. The treatment given must also be recorded. (please see my accident and emergency policy)
  • Advice given by agencies such as Ofsted, environmental health and the fire brigade would be strictly followed. Please refer to my food and drink policy and my fire drill and emergency evacuation policy and procedure.

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